• Contact lenses

    The birth of contact lenses dates back to Leonardo da Vinci, who noted an optic continuum between the inner surface of the water in a glass sphere and the outer surface of the cornea, when immersing the latter in the first. At a later time, in 1636, Cartesio published “The Dioptrics”, in which he perfected Leonardo’s idea. He explained that a tube filled with water and placed on the cornea, ending with a lens which perfectly matches the cornea, is able to cancel or reduce the eye’s refractive anomalies.

  • The Eyesight


    A glasses of view is not only an aid that helps bridge their visual impairment. It 'also an accessory that enhances its image, perfecting his own style and you have to adapt to the various moments of daily life: work, leisure, sport..


  • The Sun

    In all our stores you can find thousands kinds of sunglasses of the most prestigious brands as a trademark Rayban, Persol. The sales personnel will be glad to assist you in your choice of your accessory, for advise you on shapes and colors, always thinking about the best protection for your eyes. For sports lovers the line indestructible "Glorify", they could prepare even with prescription lenses and an entirely new collection "Oakley", with its special filters suitable for every need and situation. We have also a wide range of ski masks.


L’OTTICA INN is a really successful company. Since 1986 it could treasure its customers’ esteem converting it into better services, more selected products and more stores. Experience, courtesy, and wide assortment at the best market prices keep on marking our company strengths. Our goal is trying to satisfy our customers’ requests, offering trendy products while keeping a good stock of the more classical styles. The company takes advantage of the latest generation instrumentation, high quality items and of a highly qualified staff, able to offer a trendy accessory and, moreover, to grant visual comfort while helping customers to find the most suitable frame and lens. Furthermore, we are registered at the Health Ministry as medical devices manufacturers with the number ITCA 01027092.

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