The company was founded in 1986 and located its first shop in the quarter of Servola (Trieste), under the name of "Foto Ottica Svizzera". The owner comes from a family that already operating for years in the optical sector and in 1994 also begins his activity of import-export with leading european countries. This new business allows him to come in contact with the main producers in the trade of eyeglasses and the trade of sunglasses. In 1997 was opened a new store in the center of the tourist resort of Grado (Gorizia), who immediately, obtains a great success. The experience gained allows, in 2001, to open in Conti Street (Trieste), the first store of the chain OTTICA INN. Here, right away, you can find the glasses of the most prestigious brands and a highly professional service for the control of the view and for the implementation of the glasses. It since 2004, in the same store, starts the sensational sale with a 50% discount on optical frames and sunglasses. The success of this initiative, which attracts a lot of customers for the variety of the choice is just a prologue to the next initiative. In fact, in 2007, the chain was expanded with the establishment of OTTICA INN AFFARI, always in Conti Str. (Trieste), followed in 2008 by another OTTICA INN AFFARI, this time in the very central XX Settembre Avenue(Trieste). In March of 2012 the company was expanded again, just in the heart of the city center, in Roma Str. 3, opened his larger shop, where the sales policy remains the same, as the courtesy and professionality always demonstrated.The successful philosophy of these 3 shops is simple: the modest sum of € 25, THE PRICE MORE LOW OF ITALY, are offered glasses of all brands purchased by the most important companies in stock and montature made specifically in Cadore, on molds and drawings provided directly by the chain OTTICA INN. Alongside the amazing offer of a professional team of 6 opticians, allows qualified view controls in all the shops and a laboratory that, with latest generation machinery, enables technicians the assembling the lenses.